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Enjoy up to HK$2,888 cash rebateHK$100 cash reward for successful online application

  • Applicable to customers with a loan tenor of 12 months or above

  • Applicable to customers who successfully apply for a Credit Mastermind Instalment Loan through the Bank's website (www.dahsing.com) or Dah Sing Bank Mobile App during the Promotion Period
  • The cash reward will be issued in form of cash coupons and will be mailed to the relevant customers' correspondence address on or before 28 February 2021.

Promotion period is from now until 31 December 2020.


Product Features

Help you to save more interest expense

  Existing Credit Card^ Dah Sing Credit Mastermind#
Loan Amount HK$1,000,000
Repayment Period 302 Months 72 Months
Average Monthly Repayment Amount HK$44,759 HK$15,979
Total Interest and Handling Fee Expenses HK$1,049,404 HK$150,488
  Save Interest Up to 86%!ix

^The example is calculated based on an annual interest rate of 30% charged by general credit card on a monthly repayment of 5% of the credit card outstanding balance or HK$50 (whichever is higher) and total outstanding loan amount of HK$1,000,000 over a 302-month repayment period. The average monthly repayment amount quoted is calculated based on the first 12-month repayment amount and is rounded to the nearest dollar. The Annualized Percentage Rate ("APR") is 34.49%. The total interest and handling fee expenses over the whole repayment period quoted is rounded to the nearest dollar.

#Total interest and handling fee expenses of Credit Mastermind Instalment Loan are calculated based on HK$1,000,000 loan amount, 0.11% monthly flat rate, loan handling fee of 1.1% p.a. and 72-month loan tenor (APR is 4.83%). The average monthly repayment amount, the total interest and handling fee expenses over the whole repayment period quoted are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Up to 8 times of monthly income cash out (if applicable) is the remaining part of the total loan amount of the Credit Mastermind Instalment Loan approved by the Bank after settling the outstanding credit card loans or personal loans. Cash out amount is disbursed in form of cashier's order and is not restricted to use for repayment of the oustanding credit card loans or personal loans.


The APR ranges from 4.70% - 48%, with repayment tenor of 12 - 72 months.
Example of Credit Mastermind Instalment Loan: Assume the loan amount is HK$1,000,000, with 72-month loan tenor and 0.11% monthly flat rate,
APR including loan handling fee 1.1% p.a. and HK$2,888 cash rebate is 4.73%, the total interest is HK$84,488 and total repayment amount is HK$1,150,488.


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HK$100 cash reward for successful online applicationv

Enquiry Hotline 2828 8111

Fax Application 2232 5978

SMS Application 6828 8222

Please enter (1) Name, (2) Loan Amount and (3) Repayment Tenure (e.g. Lam Siu Man, 50,000, 24) in sequence. A designated staff from the Bank will follow up with the applicant on the next working day after receiving the SMS by calling the number from which the SMS was sent. Individual telephone network provider will charge a fee for SMS in accordance with their fee charging scheme. Please contact your network operator for details.

Depending on actual data transmission speed, the whole application process (including approval result) would take approximately 10 minutes.

Subject to the relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.

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