Small-value Transfer Activation

  1. Log into e-Banking / Mobile Banking
  2. Select "Settings" > "Transaction Settings" > "Small-Value Transfer Settings" / "Online Transaction Limit"
  3. Activation Small-value Transfer Service and set transaction limit

Features Details

  • Activate the Small-value Transfer Services via e-Banking using Security Authentication or SMS One-time Password (OTP) as a Two-factor Authentication.
  • Activate the Small-value Transfer Services via Mobile Banking using Security Authentication as a Two-factor Authentication.

Features Details

  • Receive SMS, email and e-Banking or Mobile Banking inbox notifications after successful activation of the Small-value Transfer Services.

Features Details


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You must be aged 18 or above

You must have a deposit account at the Bank

You must have provided your Mobile Phone Number to the Bank.

You must have provided and verified your Email Address at the Bank.

FPS Service subjects to relevant terms and conditions.
This service / product is not targeted at customers in the EU.

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