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Bonus Savings Interest Rate up to 2.5%Reward Up to HK$3,000**Online appointment & application360° Easy Payroll Services Referral Reward Program

New Payroll Customer who uses our Payroll Services and performs designated banking transactions can enjoy Bonus Savings Interest Rate* until

31 Jan 2021.

Deposit Amount in
Payroll Account
Enjoy Bonus Savings Interest Rate Up to (p.a.)*
Use Payroll Services Simultaneously Use:
Payroll Services &
Designated Banking Transactions
HK$800,000 or above 1.6% 2.5%
HK$100,000 or above
and less than
1.4% 2.3%

* The maximum Bonus Savings Interest per month is HK$2,000.

New Payroll Customer who makes payroll deposit in the designated account through autopay can enjoy welcome offer up to HK$1,000+.

Monthly Salary VIP
HK$80,000 or above HK$1,000 HK$600 HK$300
HK$50,000 or above
and below HK$80,000
HK$500 HK$200
HK$30,000 or above
and below HK$50,000
HK$300 HK$100
HK$10,000 or above
and below HK$30,000
Not Applicable HK$100 Not Applicable


New Payroll Customer who performs the below designated banking transactions can enjoy up to HK$2,000 banking service reward~:

Banking Services Transaction Details
Autopay Bill Payment Service + Set up new Autopay Bill Payment service and execute bill payment successfully.
Credit Card + Successfully apply for the designated Dah Sing Credit Card and make designated cumulative spending. Please click here for details
Securities Services+ Successfully opens a new securities account and successfully executes at least one securities buy and/ or sell transaction via online trading platform
** The total reward up to HK$3,000 includes welcome offer up to HK$1,000 and banking service reward up to HK$2,000.
~ The banking service reward up to HK$2,000 includes autopay bill payment service offer up to HK$1,000, credit card welcome offer up to HK$800 & securities services welcome offer HK$200.
+ Rewards will be given in the form of Dah Sing Credit Card Free Spending Credit.

Online Appointment Reward (HK$200 free credit card spending):


Applicable to customers without any integrated accounts of the Bank and who successfully submits online appointment to become "YOU Banking Customer" and successfully applies for the Bank's Payroll Services at any branches of the Bank.


Online Application Reward (HK$200 free credit card spending):


Applicable to existing customers of VIP i-Account / YOU i-Account / i-Account who successfully submit "360° Easy Payroll Services Application" online form and apply for the Bank's Payroll Services.

360° Easy Payroll Services Referral Reward Program


From now on until 31 Dec 2019, successfully referring a new deposit customer to register 360° Easy Payroll Services and fulfilling designated requirements can be rewarded HK$200 free credit card spending (Maximum amount is HK$5,000)



Dah Sing is bringing a brand-new referral experience for you to refer your friends & relatives to open Dah Sing 360° easy payroll account anytime anywhere through internet.


Service Features

  • You are allowed to withdraw the salary in the morning of the salary credit date++ for your early enjoyment of monthly monetary reward
  • Select autopay as the payroll deposit method to get your salary credited on the date designated by employers no matter which bank they use for Payroll Services.


++ Only applicable if customer's employer credits the salary to customer's Payroll Account through autopay.

  • Grow your deposit by earning higher interest than ordinary savings account
  • Avoid late charges by setting up Direct Debit Authorization ("DDA") instruction to automatically transfer funds from your payroll account to designated merchant or institution accounts
  • "PayEasy" Online Bill Payment Service allows you to settle bills of over 800 major merchants in Hong Kong by transferring funds from your payroll account
  • Enjoy peace of mind with Dah Sing Octopus App Card's AAVS function. When the stored value on the Octopus reaches zero or a negative value, HK$250 will be automatically reloaded from your payroll account to your Octopus
  • No-Bounced Cheque / Autopay Protection
  • Gift Cheque handling fee waiver
  • Up to 50% discount on Dah Sing Motor Insurance premium

Act Now!

Experience the hassle-free account opening process and enjoy extra HK$200 free credit card spending

Dah Sing i-Account

Only applicable to New Payroll Customers^

New Customer / Without
Dah Sing i-Account

Making online appointment for
15-minute Speedy Account Opening
of YOU Banking and enroll in Payroll Services^^


^ Online Application for 360° Easy Payroll Services is only applicable to the new payroll customers of VIP i-Account / YOU i-Account / i-Account.
^^ Customer is required to make online appointment and bring along the documents required to branch for 15-minute speedy account opening, but subject to the actual situation.

Subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.

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