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Online and Foreign Currency Spending Promotione+Delivery Year-round Shipment up to 20% offe+Pay Ultrafast Online Shopping Checkout

Offer 1: Up to 6% Cash Rebate1, 2, 3, 4, 7

Upon successfully registered within each Registration Period and fulfilled the spending requirement per month, you can earn up to 6% cash rebate on Designated Eligible Online Spending starting from the registration month. You can enjoy a maximum of HK$900 cash rebate during the entire Promotion Period.

Monthly Transaction Count of
Designated Eligible
Online Spending
per month
Cash Rebate % on
Designated Eligible Online Spending
in relevant month
Cash Rebate
per phase
Cash Rebate
during the entire
Promotion Period
4-5 transactions 3% HK$300 HK$900
6 transactions or above 6%

Offer 2: Bonus Reward ·Dah Sing "JourneySure" Travel Insurance Plan1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

Starting from the month of successful registration and upon your eligible foreign currency spending in that particular phase fulfil the accumulated designated spending target as set out below, you can enjoy the complimentary Bonus Rewards ·Dah Sing "JourneySure" Travel Insurance Plan, that is an up to 2 complimentary 8-day individual worldwide travel protection. You will be able to redeem the reward for instant upon successful registration and before you have fulfilled the designated spending target*. During the entire Promotion Period, you can entitle to a maximum of 6 Bonus Rewards. For details on the Dah Sing "JourneySure" Travel Insurance Plan coverages, please click here.

Target of Accumulated Designated Eligible
Foreign Currency
Spending per phase
Number of Bonus
Reward^ Entitled
Number of Bonus Reward^ Entitled
per phase
Number of Bonus Reward^ Entitled
during the entire Promotion Period
Equivalent to HK$25,000
or above
1 2 6
Equivalent to HK$30,000
or above

Redemption Period and Departure Period of Bonus Reward

Phase Redemption Period Departure Period#
Phase 1 23 March to 30 June 2020
(both dates inclusive)
2 April to 28 August 2020
(both dates inclusive)
Phase 2 1 July to 30 September 2020
(both dates inclusive)
11 July to 28 November 2020
(both dates inclusive)
Phase 3 1 October to 31 December 2020
(both dates inclusive)
11 October 2020 to 28 Feburary 2021
(both dates inclusive)

* If an Eligible Cardholder has redeemed the Bonus Reward but fails to meet the designated spending requirement of Bonus Reward, an administration fee of HK$250 per redeemed Bonus Reward will be debited from the Eligible Cardholder's Principal Card account with the latest spending record without prior notice.

^ The insured person of Bonus Reward can be the Eligible Cardholder or his/her spouse, child, parents or parents-in-law and the proposer must be the Eligible Cardholder.

# Eligible Cardholder must submit the Redemption Form within 60 calendar days at earliest and 10 calendar days at latest before the departure.


  1. This Promotion is applicable to the first 10,000 successfully registered Eligible Cardholders per phase. Designated Eligible Online Spending and Designated Eligible Foreign Currency Spending made by an Eligible Cardholder with all his/her Eligible Cards (including Principal and Supplementary Card(s) will be combined.
  2. Cardholder is required to successfully register for each phase of the Promotion in order to enjoy the Rewards.
  3. For Phase 1, registration and spending from 16 March to 31 March 2020 will be combined with April 2020.
  4. "Designated Eligible Online Spending" refers to a single Eligible Online Spending of HK$500 or above (or its equivalent).
  5. "Designated Eligible Foreign Currency Spending" refers to a single Eligible Foreign Currency Spending of which equivalent value is HK$500 or above.
  6. JourneySure Travel Insurance Plan is underwritten by Dah Sing Insurance Company (1976) Limited ("Dah Sing Insurance"), which is solely responsible for all coverage and compensation, but not the product of Dah Sing Bank, Limited ("Dah Sing Bank"). Dah Sing Bank, registered as a licensed insurance agency, is the authorized licensed insurance agency of Dah Sing Insurance. Dah Sing Insurance reserves the right of final approval of the enrollment of the insurance plan. The above information is for reference only but not the details of the plan coverage, and does not constitute any part of the policy contract. For the policy coverage, detailed terms and conditions, eligibility for enrollment and policy exclusions, etc. of the insurance plan, please refer to the policy contract of the insurance plan and the information stated in the relevant policy contract shall prevail.
  7. This Promotion is subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.

Registration of Phase 3 has started. Act now!

Promotion Period and Registration Period of each phase:

Phase 1: 16 March to 30 June 2020

Phase 2: 1 July to 30 September 2020

Phase 3: 1 October to 31 December 2020

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