SME Loan

In today's competitive market, flexible cashflow is undoubtedly adding advantage to many small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in expanding your business and maintaining competitiveness. Dah Sing Bank is pleased to introduce SME Loan, offering loan amount up to HK$1,000,000 enabling you to grasp every business opportunity.
No collateral required
  High loan amount up to HK$1,000,0001. Premises, deposit or stock is not required to secure the loan.
Flexible repayment
  You could choose to repay from "Monthly installment" or "Revolving overdraft", or the combination of two.
Preferential interest rate
  Enjoy yearly flat rate at 5% or P+1.5%2
Long repayment period
  Fixed installment tenor of up to 36 months or renewal every year for revolving overdraft.
Free loan usage
  No restriction in loan usage:
  ĄD expand your business
  ĄD expand your production facilities, renovate office or retail fixtures
  ĄD clearance of outstanding accounts payable
  ĄD purchase materials / inventory in urgent need
  ĄD payment of year-end bonus
  ĄD extra cash flow for any purpose
Fast approval
  Enabling you to obtain the working capital and not keeping you wait, we will provide initial approval within 3 working days3 .
Grasp every business opportunity.    Act Now!
  Dah Sing Bank has been serving many SMEs in providing solutions in trade financing and loan services. We believe our team of experienced financial consultants will provide the best solution that meets your financial needs. Call our SME Loan hotline and accelerate your business with our tailor-made financial plans!
1. The minimum and maximum loan amount of Dah Sing Bank SME Loan are HK$50,000 and HK$1,000,000 respectively. The set up fee is 1.25% with calculation of a loan tenor of less than 2 years, and 1.5% set up fee with calculation of a loan tenor of over 2 years.
2. Refers to Dah Sing Bank HK Dollar Prime Rate and will be changed according to the Bank's discretion from time to time. Please click here to enquire latest Prime Rate.
3. The "3 working day approval" is applicable only to customers who submit all the required documents on the application date, and starts from the moment Bank staff confirm receipt of all required documents and information with the customers. Dah Sing Bank will get back the approval in principle result within 3 working days. This service may be subject to change according to actual circumstances.