Mortgage1+1 Account
Accomplish your dream to own your home and build your wealth
Dah Sing Mortgage1+1 Account offers a one-stop financial tool that combines your savings, cheque and mortgage accounts. Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your existing property, Mortgage1+1 Account offers an attractive mortgage loan interest rate, and a deposit interest rate equivalent to the mortgage interest rate, so that you can earn a much higher return than with ordinary fixed deposit accounts. In addition, deposits in your current account can be withdrawn anytime, which lets you manage your cash flow easily. Mortgage1+1 is indeed a powerful mortgage and value-added package for you.
Mortgage1+1 Account Package

Mortgage Account
* Preferential mortgage interest rate
* Loan amount of up to property price or estimated 95% of property value
* Loan tenure of up to 30 years

* Applicable to both new purchase and refinancing

High Interest Rate Current Account
* Deposit rates same as mortgage rates
* Interest on the current account balance is accrued on a daily basis, which lets you leverage the benefit of a high interest rate

* Free cheque book and ATM card

* Free 24-hour phone banking and e-banking service

Applying for Mortgage1+1 is easy and hassle free! Simply bring your property documents and proof of income to one of our Dah Sing branches or call our Customer Services Hotline 2828 8000 for application.
1 . If mortgage loan-to-value ratio exceeds 70% of the property selling price or valuation price (whichever is lower), customers are required to apply for the Mortgage Insurance Programme at their own cost.
2. Interest rate of Mortgage1+1 current account is only applicable to a deposit amount equal to 50% or less of the outstanding loan amount in the mortgage account. No interest will be paid for excess deposits.
3. Repayment must be made with the Mortgage1+1 current account.
4. A handling fee will be charged for existing Dah Sing Bank’s mortgage customers who want to transfer to Mortgage1+1 Account. Please contact any Dah Sing branches for details.
5. The Mortgage1+1 current account will not be entitled to any deposit interest upon payment default. Please contact any Dah Sing branches for details.
6. The offers of the “ProperSure” Household Contents Insurance are valid until September 30, 2008. The above offers only applicable to insured with Dah Sing General Insurance Company Limited. For terms and conditions of the offers, please contact the staff of Dah Sing Branches.
7. The approval of an application shall be at the sole, absolute discretion of Dah Sing Bank, without exception. Dah Sing Bank reserves the right to amend the above offers without prior notice.