Hello Kitty Consolidated Account
Super Hello Kitty fans don't miss it
Dah Sing Bank brings to you the first Hello Kitty Consolidated Account. This Hello Kitty account integrates the benefits of both a savings & checking account and you will receive all the associated Hello Kitty stationery: a unique Hello Kitty monthly statement, and an ATM card & cheque book, so you can enjoy managing your finances with Hello Kitty.

Specially designed Hello Kitty Statement, ATM Card & Cheque Book  
Upon opening a Hello Kitty Consolidated Account, you can enjoy a Hello Kitty statement, ATM Card and Cheque Book specially designed for fans of Hello Kitty. The ATM card will also be provided free of charge so that you can enjoy yourself while managing your finances with this adorable Hello Kitty stationery.

Integrating the Benefits of A Savings & Checking Account  
By opening a Hello Kitty Consolidated Account, you will automatically enjoy an interest bearing HKD Checking Account and a Multi-Currency Deposit Account at the same time:

Save & Check Account
Enjoy interest on savings and HKD checking facilities in one single account. You need not worry about losing interest and troublesome fund transfers between accounts. The interest will be paid monthly.

Multi-Currency Deposit Account
You can also enjoy a Multi-Currency Deposit Account, with up to 14 foreign currencies (including RMB) for your foreign currency trading. The interest will be calculated on a compound daily basis and will be paid monthly.


Innovative Bonus Savings Interest Rate Offer  
No matter how much you deposit, you will enjoy the interest rate mark-up offer up to +1%. The more services you select, the higher mark-up rate you will enjoy. So you can enjoy unprecedented financial convenience and fabulous interest returns.

Specific Dah Sing Bank Services
Bonus Savings Interest Rate Offer
Use below services:
Securities Services
+ 0.25%
Use any 1 of below Services:
Fixed Deposit
Credit Card / Debit Card
Personal Finance Services
(such as Tax Loan, Personal Loan, etc.)
Mortgage Loan
Life Insurance Services
Investment Services
(including Investment Funds and Retail Certificates
of Deposits, etc.)
Each item
+ 0.125%

1. The deposit rate of the “Hello Kitty Consolidated Account” will be equal to the above HKD Savings Rate, plus additional mark-up, subject to a maximum of 1-month HKD fixed deposit rate +0.125% or 1-month HKD HIBOR, whichever is lower. Such interest rates will be applied to the “Hello Kitty Consolidated Account” Save & Check Account in the following month.
2. Interest Rate Mark-Up is applicable to the credit balance of the i-Account Save & Check Account and is not applicable to the Multi-Currency Deposit Account.
3. To enjoy Interest Rate Mark-Up, the account status of all other Dah Sing Bank services held by each “Hello Kitty Consolidated Account” holder must be normal.
4. Dah Sing Bank reserves the right to amend the above deposit rates or the terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of Dah Sing Bank is final and conclusive.

Integrated Financial Services  
Up to HK$3,500 No Bounced Cheque / Autopay Protection
You can enjoy a no bounced cheque / autopay protection of up to HK$3,500 for the interest bearing HKD Checking Account by simply maintaining a monthly average deposit balance of HK$5,000 or above in the Hello Kitty Consolidated Account.

Comprehensive Consolidated Monthly Statement
You will receive one adorable Hello Kitty Consolidated Account statement every month showing all the transaction details of your Hello Kitty Consolidated Account. The statement also consolidates the portfolio of other accounts, including Savings, Checking, Fixed Deposits, Investment & Life Insurance accounts, etc. to enable you to handle your personal finances more flexibly.

Free ATM Card
With a free Hello Kitty ATM Card, you can enjoy JETCO ATM, EPS and PPS services, etc.

e-banking Service
You can handle your accounts through our e-banking Service anytime, including account balance enquiry & transaction details, free instant or scheduled bill payment or fund transfers, etc, the result being easier management of all your finances.

24-Hour Automated Phone Banking Services
You can use our Automated Phone Banking Services to handle your accounts around-the-clock, including account balance enquiries, fund transfers, etc.

More Free Banking Services and Privileges  
  • Credit Card perpetual annual fee waiver (applicable to Classic and Gold Card)
  • Handling fee and valuation fee waiver for Mortgage Loan
  • Preferential Fixed Deposit interest rate
  • Gift Cheque handling fee waiver
  • Up to 50% discount on first year rental of newly leased Safe Deposit Box
  • 50% discount on commission of sale of Travellers' Cheques
  • Preferential interest rate for Personal Loans
  • First year annual fee waiver for OD
  • 20% discount on Domestic Helper Insurance, Household Contents Insurance, Travel Insurance and Personal Accidental Insurance
  • Up to 50% discount on Private Car Insurance
  • 30% discount on property agency commission through Dah Sing Property Agency

    Act NOW !  

    The Hello Kitty Consolidated Account is brought to you exclusively by Dah Sing Bank and will bring you lots of fun. The initial deposit amount for the Hello Kitty Consolidated Account is just HK$100. Customers who maintain the monthly average deposit balance of HK$5,000 or above will enjoy a waiver on the relevant maintenance fee. Open your Hello Kitty Consolidated Account today at any Dah Sing Branches and start enjoy managing your finance everyday with Hello Kitty.

    Enquiry Hotline: 2828 8000

    1. Customers can request for ONE cheque book per order for the “Hello Kitty Consolidated Account" cheque book, whereas the charge per cheque book is HK$20. For other account related fees, please refer to the fee schedule for Dah Sing i-Account. For details, please refer to the Dah Sing Bank Service Charges leaflet.
    2. The calculation of the monthly average deposit balance includes your whole deposit balance, the latest market value of Investment Accounts and cash value of life insurance accounts in Dah Sing Bank. The account holder(s) of the above-mentioned accounts must be identical to that of the “Hello Kitty Consolidated Account”. For details, please contact one of our branches.

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