Dah Sing i-Securities Services Frequently Asked Questions

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General Instructions:
1. What functions does i-Securities Services provide?
2. What is the recommended system set-up for accessing the i-Securities Services?
3. Must I have Java Virtual Machine installed before using i-Securities Services?
4. What kind of securities can be traded via the i-Securities Services?
5. After enrolling in the i-Securities Services, can I still trade through other channel(s)?
6. How can I trade securities on the Internet?
About Security:
1. Is it secured to trade through i-Securities Services?
2. What are the safety tips for using the i-Securities Services?
3. What does Dah Sing Bank do to fight against computer hacker?
Account Information:
1. Where can I check my current position?
2. What information I can get from the "Trade íV A/C Portfolio"?
3. How to calculate the "Purchasing Power"?
4. Can I check my transaction history?
5. Can I request for monthly/ interim statement(s)?
6. Can I print my account portfolio or other information?
Trade íV Order Types
1. What types of order are provided by i-Securities Services?
2. Can I place orders anytime?

Trade íV Securities Trading
1. How to place an order?
2. How do I know the bank has received my order(s)?
3. What is the use of the Order ID of each order placed?
4. How do I know if my order(s) has/have been executed?
5. What is included in the "Order Status" in the "Trade íV Order" section?
6. Apart from the Order Status page, can I get the trade status via other channel(s)?
7. What is the amount to be held in my "Purchasing Power" after I have placed a Buy order?
8. For how long will an order placed be valid?
9. Would the Bank accept any Limit Orders away from the market price?
10. Will my securities transactions be preceded if my computer crashes or my internet access disconnects halfway?
11. Can I place an order if my settlement account has insufficient fund?
12. What should I do if I have not received any email confirmation regarding my trade order?
13. Why does the i-Securities trading system cancel my buy/sell order automatically?
14. Can I sell the stocks I have bought before its settlement?
15. Can I use the funds from selling a stock to buy a new stock before its settlement?
16. Can I place a short sell order via iíVSecurities Services?
17. Can I buy/sell odd lots via i-Securities Services?
18. Can I trade physical share via i-Securities Services?
19. Will I receive any confirmation letter regarding securities trade?
20. Regarding the process of securities transaction, what should I be aware of?

Trade íV Amend / Cancel Order
1. Can I check, amend or cancel an order via the i-Securities Services?
2. What can be modified for placed order(s) ?
3. Can I amend or cancel any buy/sell order?

eIPO Subscription Services
1. Can I subscribe an IPO via the i-Securities Services?
2. Will I receive any confirmation when I have successfully completed the IPO subscription application via the i-Securities Services?
3. Can I amend or cancel placed IPO subscription order?
4. Can I submit more than one application on one IPO?
5. How do I know my IPO subscription succeeds or not?

Real-Time Stock Quote Service
1. How can I know the stock price?
2. What is the difference between "Streaming Stock Quote Service" and "Snapshot Stock Quote Service"?
3. What are the key benefits of "Streaming Stock Quote Service" and "Snapshot Stock Quote Services"?
4. How is Online Real-time Stock Quote Service charged?
5. How can I subscribe the Real-Time Stock Quote Service?
6. Once subscribed, when can I start using this service?
7. How can I terminate the Real-Time Stock Quote Service?
8. How to define the service charge session(s) of "Snapshot Stock Quote Service"?
9. Where can I obtain more details about "Streaming Stock Quote Service"?

Price Alert Service
1. How can I use Price Alert Service?
2. What is the service charge(s) of the Price Alert Service ?
3. What are the monitoring periods of the Price Alert Service?
4. How long will the Price Alert Service be valid?
5. What are the alert criteria for the Price Alert Service?

Technical Problems
1. Which versions of browser should be used to access the i-Securities Services system?
2. In what ways will your Internet Trading System protect my personal information?
3. How can I clear the disk cache in Internet Explorer?
4. What can I do if the Internet connection seems slow?
5. Why does my browser always show "please wait"?
6. Why does my browser always show "The Page cannot be displayed" or "Unable to locate the server"?
7. Why there are so many unreadable characters in your website?
8. What does my browser always show "404 access denied"?

1. What should I do in case I forget my user PIN or my PIN goes invalid?
2. What is the use of the Cost Calculator?
3. Can I change my personal details?
4. What is the purpose of providing my personal email address?
5. Can I use more than one email address to receive email confirmation?
6. So do I need to sign off every time?