1.1 Hello Kitty Personalized Octopus Card is only offered to Principal Cardholder. Successful applicant can apply for a Hello Kitty Personalized Octopus Card for free if he / she maintains an outstanding balance of HK$1,000 or above with payments not exceeding minimum payments for 6 consecutive statement cycles starting from the 2nd statement cycle upon Personalized Octopus Card issuance date. A handling fee of HK$120 will be charged to the Principal Cardholder's account if he / she fails to meet the above requirement.
1.2 The spending of Supplementary Cardholder is counted towards the Principal Cardholder's record.
1.3 For Principal Cardholder who is using “Octopus Automatic Add-Value" Service, he / she has to cancel the service if he / she wishes to apply for Hello Kitty Personalized Octopus Card.
1.4 If the Hello Kitty Personalized Octopus Card is lost or malfunctions, no replacement card will be issued.
1.5 Hello Kitty Personalized Octopus Card is not applicable to other family members using “Happy Family” Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service. The current daily automatic add-value amount is HK$250 or HK$500.
1.6 There is no application fee for all first time Applicants for the AAVS. For existing users of the AAVS, OCL will charge a non-refundable handling fee of HK$20 for transferring the AAVS from one bank to another, or reactivation of the AAVS following suspension. Such fee(s) will be debited from Cardholder's Dah Sing Hello Kitty Credit Card account.
2. A handling fee 3% of the posted amount or HK$55 will be charged for every cheque issued. HK$20 will be charged for each cheque book.
3. Bonus Point Scheme -- Every HK$1 you spent with your Dah Sing Hello Kitty Credit Card will earn you one Bonus Point. You could redeem United Airlines Mileage with 12 Points for 1 Mile. Each time the minimum redemption is 1000 miles, which require 12,000 Bonus Points. Handling charge will be exempted if you redeem mileage before 31 December 2006. Spending includes retail transactions and Octopus Automatic Add-Value amount only, excluding cash advance, casino transaction, Balance Transfer amount, “Cash-in Plan” amount, "Happy Tax" amount, bill payment amount, financial charges, handling fee, Interest-free Installment transaction and Credit Card Cheque transaction and unposted/cancelled transactions/ transactions eventually returned and all unauthorized transactions.
4. Applicant who has successfully applied for Dah Sing Hello Kitty VISA Card within 14 September 2006 and 31 August 2007 will be entitled to a free "Female or Male Medical check up service" upon spending of HK$30000 or above (retail transactions or cash advance) with his / her Card within 1 year from the date of Card issuance. The spending of Supplementary Cardholder will be counted towards the Principal Cardholder’s record and only Principal Cardholder is entitled to this privilege. In case the applicant applies for more than one Principal Card, only ONE "Female or Male Medical check up service" will be offered. The gift redemption letter will be sent to the Principal Cardholder within one month upon meeting the spending requirement. Spending includes retail transactions, cash advance, “Cash-in Plan” amount, Balance Transfer amount, Credit Card Cheque transaction, bill payment amount, Interest-free Installment transaction, Octopus Automatic Add-Value amount and "Happy Tax " amount, exclude unposted/cancelled transactions/transactions eventually returned and all unauthorized transactions. Dah Sing Bank does not warrant the quality of the products or services provided by the Company.
5. To enjoy the offers, Cardholder must present Dah Sing Hello Kitty Credit Card upon purchase and settle the payment with the Card. For details, please refer to the year-round offer leaflet, which will be sent with the Card to Cardholder.
6. “Cash-in Plan”: This plan is only applicable to Principal Cardholder (excluding Supplementary Cardholder). No Bonus Point will be awarded for this Plan. A handling fee of 1% of the installment amount will be charged. Please refer to the promotional leaflet for the updated promotion. “Cash-in Plan” is only applicable to local personal bank account holder and is not applicable to joint accounts.
7.1. “Happy Installment” is only applicable to transaction(s) (combined transactions apply) valued at HK$800 or above. All combined transactions must be made under the same Card account.
7.2. Cardholder needs to apply within 7 days after the transaction and keep the related sales slip(s) for proof.
7.3. Dah Sing Bank has the right to accept or reject an installment plan application without the need to provide reasons. In case of any dispute, the decision of Dah Sing Bank shall be final. This installment plan shall be subject to the terms and conditions of "Happy Installment" and the related terms and conditions can be downloaded from here or call 2828 8002.
8. For payment with Dah Sing Credit Card, a service fee of 1% of the payment amount will be charged. For the information of payment merchant list, please click here.
- The annual interest rates of retail transactions and cash advance are 19.8% and 23.8% respectively. According to the Net Present Value (NPV) Method specified in the Code of Banking Practice, the Annualized Percentage Rates ("APR") of retail transactions and cash advance are 20.59% and 28.72% respectively. The Bank does not warrant the quality and quantity of the products or services provided by the merchants.
- Dah Sing Bank reserves the right to make the final decision on the approval of credit card, Balance Transfer, “Cash-in Plan”, “Happy Installment” and “merchant installment” applications.