As a prestigious Dah Sing Gundam VISA cardholder, you can enjoy the following privileges:

Welcome Offer

From now to 31 December 2008, successful applicants of Dah Sing GUNDAM VISA can enjoy one of the following gifts:

Terms & Conditions for Welcome Offers

Octopus Automatic Add Value Service

Dah Sing GUNDAM Credit Card will reload HK$250/HK$500 once the stored value of your Octopus Card is not enough to settle the payment. Quick and safe, you can also save the time in queuing for re-loading. The reloaded amount can also enjoy reward scheme.


Bonus Point Scheme1

Every HK$1 you spent with the Card will earn you one Bonus point. Transactions made on your birthday will be automatically entitled to double Bonus Point. Simply accumulate points and redeem your favorite items from renowned retail establishments, cash coupons or annual fee waiver.


Year Round Privileges2

For details, please click here


Other Credit Card Benefits

  • Offer 3 – You can enjoy unsuppressed and practical spending offers with the Card
  • " Installment " Plan 4 – Spend HK$800 or above at any merchants and you can enjoy a 12-month interest-free Installment Plan at a super low monthly handling free
  • Comprehensive e-banking services 5
  • Credit Card Payment Protection Plan
  • “SMS Alert Service” and short message display
  • Enjoy up to 50-day interest free repayment period
  • You will be automatically enrolled in our Credit Card “STAR Rewards Program” and will enjoy a wide range of specially selected and truly splendid rewards and privileges
  • Cash-in Plan 6 You can convert your credit limit into extra cash, and deposit in your designated personal bank account, ensuring that you have sufficient cash to make your dreams come true. At a super low handling fee, you can select a flexible interest-free repayment period of 12 or 24 months to help manage your card payments
  1. Bonus Point Scheme -- Every HK$1 you spent with your credit card will earn you one Bonus Point. Bonus Spending includes retail transactions and Octopus AAVS amount only, excluding cash advance, “ Installment” Plan amount, “Cash-in Plan” monthly installment amount, Balance Transfer amount, Bill payment amount, tax payment, Interest-free Installment transactions and Octopus Automatic Add-Value amount, bank handling fees (annual fees, financial charges, late fees and cash advance handling fee) , casino transactions, unpost/cancelled/refunded and all unauthorized transactions.
  2. To enjoy the offers, Cardholder must present Dah Sing credit card upon purchase and settle the payment with the card.
  3. Please refer to the promotional leaflet for details.
  4. " Installment” Plan is only applicable to transaction(s) (combined transactions apply) valued at HK$800 (or its equivalent) or above. All combined transactions must be made under the same Card account. Cardholder needs to apply within 10 days before payment due date and keep the related sales slip(s) for proof. The Bank has the right to accept or reject an installment plan application without the need to provide reasons. In case of any dispute, the decision of Dah Sing Bank shall be final. This installment plan shall be subject to the terms and conditions of " Installment" and the related handling fees, terms and conditions can be downloaded by clicking here or call 2828 8168.
  5. Handling fee for e-banking bill payment via Dah Sing GUNDAM Credit Card is 1% (applicable to pre-registration merchants only). For the information of payment merchant list, please click here.
  6. "Cash-in Plan": This plan is only applicable to Principal Cardholder (excluding Supplementary Cardholder). No Bonus Point or Cash Rebate will be awarded for this Plan. A handling fee of the installment amount will be charged. Please refer to the promotional leaflet for the updated handling fee. “Cash-in Plan” is applicable to Hong Kong personal bank accounts only, not applicable to joint accounts.

In case of any discrepancy between English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

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