Dah Sing Credit Card "Cash-in Plan" Program

Dah Sing Credit Card “Cash-in Plan” offers you have quick access to more cash to spend. You can enjoy a preferential monthly handling fee as low as 0.35%1 and up to 48 months’ repayment period. What’s more! You will even enjoy 0% of handling fee for the first 3 months2. Shopping and purchase will be more joyful from now on!


Or simply give us a call 2828 8002 or send SMS3 to 6828 8002.
3 Only need to input (1) Name and (2) Loan Amount (e.g. Lee Siu Man, 20,000)


For more details, please call our customer services at 2828 8002 or click here for details of Terms & Conditions.


Remarks :
1 The Annualized Percentage Rates (APR) for 0.35% monthly handling fee is 6.07% ( the calculation of APR is based on 12-month repayment tenor and included the first 3 months’ handling fee waiver). 0.35% of monthly handling fee is only applicable to selected customers.
2 This program offer is valid until October 15, 2008. The first 3 months’ handling fee will be rebated in the form of spending credit in the sixth statement. This program offer is not applicable for 6-month repayment tenor.
3 Customer can get HK$50 Cash Bonus ("Cash Bonus") for his / her first successful application of the cash-in plan during the promotion period via online. Each customer is entitled to one single Cash Bonus during the promotion period. The Cash Bonus will be credited to customer's designated Dah Sing Credit Card Account as spending credit in November 2008.