"Jetso Installment" Plan
Enjoy Interest-free Installment and bring you endless shopping surprise

Upon spending of HK$800 or above with Dah Sing or other Banks’ credit cards in any merchants (including Hong Kong or other countries), you can enjoy Interest-free Installment over a period of 6 / 12 / 18 / 24-month with our "Jetso Installment" Plan. You can combine transactions and enjoy high flexibility.

The handling fee is as low as 0.38% of the installment amount:

Repayment Period 6-month 12-month 18-month 24-month
Monthly Handling Fee 0.38% 0.38% 0.43% 0.48%

Simply apply by calling 2828 8002 upon spending until 10 working days before payment due date. Act now!

Easy Enrollment Steps
Spending of HK$800 or above with Dah Sing or other Banks’ credit cards
Call Dah Sing Credit Card Customer Service Hotline at 2828 8002
Download application form here and fax/mail back

Click here for Terms & Conditions

1) Jetso Installment Plan is applicable to transactions of HK$800 (or same value foreign currency transactions) or above and transactions can be combined.
2) All combined transactions must be made under the same credit card account. Cardholders must apply at least 10 working days before payment due date of the transaction(s), as printed on the monthly statement (applications apply to transaction(s) made within recent 2 months) and keep the related sales slip as well as the invoice of related merchants for proof.
3) Dah Sing Bank has the right to accept or reject an installment plan application without the need to provide reasons. For any dispute, Dah Sing Bank reserves the right to make final decision.
4) According to the guidelines of the Code of Banking Practice, the Annualized Percentage Rate is calculated based on the Net Present Value (NPV) method, the Annualized Percentage Rates for 6,12,18 and 24-month tenor are 8.13%, 8.79%, 10.10% and 11.32% respectively (base on HK$10,000 installment amount for calculation).
5) This installment plan shall be subject to the terms and conditions of"Jetso Installment". Before applying for the "Jetso Instalmen"t Plan, please read its Terms and Conditions and these remarks carefully and make sure that they are fully understood. Details of the Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from above or call our Customer Service Hotline: 2828 8002.